Barbour County Adult Education Program

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THE ADULT BASIC EDUCATION program is located in the Career & Technical
Education Center. It is a program designed to provide free materials and
instructions you would need and be interested in to increase basic skills in reading,
mathematics, and language.

Programs include: TASC preparation, Computer literacy programs, LPN prep,
COMPASS testing, TABE assessment, and Work Key preparation.

TASC preparation
: the TASC testing is the new high school equivalency exam in West
Virginia, replacing the GED. This program is designed for those who did not complete
high school and are interested in obtaining a high school equivalency credential. The
TASC is free for all applicants who meet the age requirement and has passed the readiness

Computer literacy courses: a self-paced computer course is offered in the ABE
classroom.  This course is open to the entire community at no cost.  The course covers
basic computer skills, email skills, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation.
A certificate of completion can be earned at the end of each course.

LPN prep class: this class helps students prepare for the PSB or TEAS tests
which are given to determine acceptance into LPN programs. Classes are
designed to help increase scores in math and reading.

The Barbour County Adult Basic Education program follows the Barbour County schools
calendar. Classroom hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8a.m. to
3p.m. Call 457-4807 for more information.