1.    How are groups decided?

a.    Sometimes groups are selected by the teachers and sometimes the students are allowed to choose.


2.    How do you sign up?

a.    An application needs to completed and submitted by the deadline.  There is a paper application or it can also be submitted online (http://goo.gl/forms/Zt3BZO4EL0).  When you complete your course request, you will mark on it that you applied to New Tech so that you can be scheduled into the New Tech classes.


3.    Can you drop out if you don't like it?

a.    New Tech is a one year commitment.  At the end of each year you can opt to return to a traditional schedule with parent permission.  Opting out of New Tech during the school year could cause students to miss out on objectives.  All objectives are taught in New Tech and traditional classes, but not necessarily taught in the same order.


4.    How long are the classes?

a.    Most classes are 45 minutes.  The integrated classes (English/Social Studies) are 90 minutes long.


5.    How many books will we have?

a.    Most of your work will be completed online using the Echo platform. 


6.    Will we have classes in other parts of the campus besides the New Tech room?

a.    Yes.  You are only required to take the four core classes in New Tech your 9th and 10th grade year (math, social studies, science, and English).  All other classes are in traditional classrooms at Philip Barbour.  You also eat lunch with traditional students.


7.    Are we on a separate bell schedule?

a.    No.  You are on the same bell schedule.


8.    How many projects are there?

a.    Projects can be a few weeks or longer, depending on the content. 


9.    Do you have to stay after school?

a.    You are not required to stay after school.  Most group work is completed during class.  Groups share contact information and use it to work together from home online as needed.


10. Do you go to meetings?

a.    The five student liaisons for each grade level meet with the Director during lunchtime each week.  There is also a mandatory Orientation prior to the first day of school for 9th graders.  Those are the only meetings that take place.


11. How does this affect college?

a.    It is actually very beneficial to college admission.  Nationally, 98% of New Tech students that apply are accepted by colleges/universities.


12. Can I still do clubs/sports and New Tech?

a.    Yes.  New Tech does not interfere with any clubs or sports.


13. Can you still take other CTE classes?

a.    Yes.  New Tech students take four of their eight classes in New Tech (math, English, social studies, and science).  The other four classes can be any other elective courses (band, foreign languages, arts, CTE, etc.).


14. How challenging are the projects?

a.    Projects are designed to be challenging.  However, activities and checkpoints are in place to support you throughout the project to make sure you are on target for successful project completion.


15. Can you take it for 4 years?

a.    Yes.  Four year New Tech students will have a New Tech emblem on their diploma and we also plan to have provide cords for the students to wear at graduation.


16. If you are New Tech, do you still have to do math lab?

a.    New Tech students do not usually take Math Lab.  Support is provided in the classroom through small group workshops.


17. Do we have a lot of homework?

a.    Homework will happen in either regular or New Tech classes.  However, assignments may be different than typical assignments. Our students are able to stay actively involved in school and still "keep up" with their homework. 


18. Can we choose what class we are in?

a.    You can choose your four elective classes.


19. Does New Tech interfere with band?

a.    No.  New Tech does not conflict with band.  All New Tech courses are scheduled during the time that band is not offered.


20. How are the schedules different?

a.    The only difference between a New Tech schedule and a traditional schedule is that the four core classes are taken as New Tech classes.  All other classes are the same.


21. How are we graded?  Do projects count as most of your grade?

a.    You are graded using the eight school-wide learning outcomes.  Each outcome counts as a certain percent of your grade.  Projects are a large part of your grades, as are homework assignments, tests, and quizzes.


22. How much time do you spend on computers?

a.    Students work on computers daily in each of the classes, however, some work is completed offline.


23. How will New Tech prepare me for my future?

a.    New Tech uses real world projects to help students learn to apply the skills needed to be successful in college, trade school, or the workplace.